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Getting Started

We offer convenient ways to connect to a Nicklaus Children’s Hospital provider and join a Telehealth consult, whether using iOS, Android or the Web. When your appointment is created, you will receive an email and/or SMS text message that includes the link to join your Telehealth appointment.

Nicklaus Children's Rapid Join is a very simple and a seamless process for a Patient and a Provider to connect over the Video call. This application uses Zoom to make calls. It is required to have the Zoom application installed from the App/Play store to initiate the Telehealth appointment.

RapidJoin via SMS/Mobile Device

1 - RapidJoin via SMS/Mobile Device
2 - Enter the patient's date of birth
3 - Confirm Details
4 - Please wait for Provider
5 - Click Wifi or Cellular Data to connect your audio
6 - Your Telehealth consult has begun
7 - End Meeting

RapidJoin via Email

1 - Add future appointment to calendar:
2 - Click on the link in your email.
3 - Enter the patient's date of birth as MMDD.
4 - Confirm your appointment details
5 - If you have Zoom installed, click on Launch Meeting.
6 - Please wait for Provider
7 - You will be directed to the waiting room.
8 - Join with Computer Audio, or click on Phone Call and call in to the meeting.
9 - Your Telehealth consult has begun
10 - When finished, click on Leave and then click on Leave Meeting.