Best Practices & Technical Tips

If connecting from a PC or laptop, use Google Chrome. Please visit using Google Chrome. Other web browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, and others) may result in technical issues.

If using a smartphone or tablet, download the mobile application. If using an iOS smartphone or tablet, please download the NCHS Anywhere also known as the Nicklaus Children's Pediatric Virtual Care application from the Apple Store. Do not use your mobile browser.

Test your device from a computer. After logging in, click the orange “Test” button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen to make sure your video, microphone, and speaker is working before you connect with your provider.

Allow access when prompted. Click “Allow” on any pop-ups that appear requesting access to location, camera, microphone/speaker, and any other information. The application will only access the camera and microphone during your consult, but you will need to allow all requests to avoid technical issues. If you did not allow any pop-ups, please delete and re-download the application and the pop-ups will appear again.

Creating your account. When creating your Nicklaus Children's Pediatric Virtual Care® account. Please enter parent/guardian information first, then patient information under “Add Family Member” section.

Entering date of birth. When creating your account and inputting date of birth, please enter the birth year first, then month and day.

Select the correct service. Please select the correct service selection from the service drop-down menu.
For example:
• For an urgent care visit, select “Urgent Care” from the drop down option.
• For an appointment with a pediatric endocrinologist, select “Endocrinology (By Appointment Only)”.
• If you accidentally select the incorrect service, please cancel the visit and create a new one to ensure your visit with the correct provider.

Disable dark-mode. When using an iPhone on dark mode, you will not be able to see the words you are typing. Please disable dark mode in the phones settings, and you will be able to see what you type

Use Wi-Fi when available. For a better connection, please use Wifi when available if connecting from your mobile device.

Click “Forgot Password?” to reset password. This will allow you to reset your password via a link sent to your email. Passwords must contain at least 1 number, at least 1 uppercase letter, and a minimum of 8 characters.

For all other issues including locked accounts, confirmation email, or technical difficulties not mentioned above, please contact the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Telehealth team at 305-662-8353