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Getting Started

Nicklaus Children's Pediatric Virtual Care, the Telemedicine solution used at Nicklaus, is being updated to the Pediatric Virtual Care RapidJoin platform. This new tool can be launched from the Telemedicine Link in PowerChart, and the communication with patients/families is established via Zoom.

RapidJoin Provider/MA/Nurse/Manager Workflow

1 - Open the patient's chart.
2 - Access the Telemedicine Link
3 - Access the Meeting Link from the Provider Dashboard
4 - Once you click on Start Meeting.
5 - During the Zoom Call
6 - End the Call
7 - Invite another provider to the call if needed.


From the START MEETING page, you can:

  1. Resend the invite if the parents say they did't get it or they lost it.
  2. Invite another parent that wants to join, or use this same button if the meeting was scheduled with the incorrect email address or phone number.
  3. Invite another provider after the meeting started

Questions? Please call ext. 2222